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Do More Automobile Accidents Happen At Night?

LOS ANGELES — The individual eye is based on light in order to see, and at night our vision endures. It can influence our ability to estimate speed and distance when we’re at the vehicle. We depend heavily on our sight to help us make quick driving maneuvers and situational choices while on the street. Darkness along with bright car sidewalks and roadside lamps contribute to our battle to process what we’re seeing while driving.
An auto accident attorney in Los Angeles states this is the reason why night time may be risky time to drive, and we ought to take additional precautions when on the street after dark.
Do More Car Accidents Occur At Night?
Nighttime driving isn’t when the car accidents occur, but that’s just half of the story. Just because more accidents happen during day time doesn’t mean driving through the night is more significantly safer. Here is why:
More than 40 percent of all fatal car crashes happen after the sun has set. That is a jarring statistic regarding as though there’s 60% less traffic to the roads.  That usually means that your risk of getting in an accident is a lot higher at night.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also appraised contributing factors that increase the danger of a serious or fatal injury whilst driving at nighttime. Safety belt usage was substantially lower at night as a Result of associated tasks such as:
Drunken driving
Drowsy/Sleepy driving
With the NHTSA finding that speeding accounts for 30 percent of all car accident deaths, a whopping 54% of those collisions occurred at nighttime and had alcohol involved. Along with this information, another disturbing statistic shared with this governmental bureau was that two-thirds of crash death victims had not worn a seat belt.
The takeaway from this study is that although there’s less traffic to the roads, nearly half of America’s fatal crashes occur at night. An auto accident attorney in Los Angeles states Californians specifically battle with seat belt safety at night, noting that NHTSA’s report showed that nearly 48% of passengers who perished in a car accident did not buckle up, and 55% of these were driving at night.

With so many possible hazards on the street in the evening, it’s important to take your safety seriously and stay aware of any street conditions or other drivers that may pose a hazard. By avoiding an collision, you may possibly prevent a life of injuries or wrongful death encounter.
Consider some of the following Pointers to Help you stay secure when traveling along LA’s roads and freeways at night:
Leave Stopping Distance
A frequent reason for crashes is the deficiency of stopping space. It’s important to ascertain just how far away you’re in the vehicle before you according to the lighting provided by your own pajamas. Usually, low beams create a visual area of up to 160 feet apart, where high beams illuminate around 500 ft to see ahead. If you have to create a sudden or tough stop, leave enough space based on those distances.
Dim Interior Lighting
At night, everything is dark around you, thus a bright dashboard can impair how nicely you find the street ahead. Keep your environment consistent and dim down the light in your auto.
Keep a Clean View
A dirty windshield could create a great deal of glare from passing car headlights and nearly blind one. By keeping the glass clean and clean, you may experience less glare and have a better perspective of the street.
No Distractions While Driving
Driving at night comes with visual issues along with sensitivity to sudden light from the blackness around you. This causes you to have a diminished reaction time if a deer pops onto the street or another car rides both lanes round a curve. Keep yourself focused on the road and the environment around you at all times, particularly after dark.

If you are the victim of a nighttime automobile collision, selecting a dedicated law firm to represent you during the claims procedure is crucial to secure a fair settlement for the injuries. Accidents leave families devastated in the loss of a loved one to extensive healthcare and expenses that the large insurance companies often refuse to cover. Hiring a legal staff that has demonstrated a successful case history can allow you to focus on healing while they handle the complexities of a personal injury lawsuit.
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